Peed Panties

I have loved panties for as long as I can remember. I started swiping Moms from the clothes basket. When I started dating I would try on my girlfriends for time to time hoping she did not see me. This continued until I got married and we had our first child. H e was had to pottie triain, my wife was telling Mom about it one day and she told my wife an amazing story of my pottie training. I just did not want to go in the potty, the I saw my cousin had pretty pink frilly,lacey, with ruffles panties. I told Mom I would go on the pottie if I had pretty undies like her! Mom decided she was willing to try anything now, so went out and bought me pretty panies, put them on me and said "if you mess your panties I am going to through them in the garbage. Well it hapened, I peed in my panties and Mom tossed them in the trash. I CRIED HARD for about an hour. I never did mess my panties again. Mom talked me into some cartoon undies after a few months and befor I started school.
I guess I just have ALWAYS LOVED MY PANTIES and I still do!
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My story was sort of the opposite. I was in diapers at night when I started school and my mom insisted I wear boy tighty-whities to school. I wanted pretty panties like my two girl playmates wore. One day walking home from school I wet my pants and I told my mom it was because my underwear was just like training pants. A week later I did it again, this time on purpose but I didn't tell her that. I told her I was afraid to go to school in training pants, that I'd wet them during school and that I'd rather just not wear any underwear than wet myself in school. She gave in and bought me a package of panties and that's what I wore to school for about three years.

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