I Peed My Pants

Ok, so one time I drank tons of water at my house right before going to my mom's friend's house. Right after I finished the water, I had to leave, so I got into the car and waited until my mom came outside, but I only had to pee a little bit so I did not use this time to use the bathroom. The drive was about 2 hours, and about 1 hour there, I really had to pee. When I arrived, I immidiately ran inside and asked for the restroom, but my moms friend was having some sort of gathering with lots of people, so the line was very long. It looked like other people near the end also really needed to pee. I was close to peeing my pants. After waiting a while I realized the line had not moved at all, and the door was locked, with no lights on under the bottom of the door. 2 people near the front had small wet patches on their pants, slowly getting larger until their pants had huge wet patches all the way down, standing in puddles of pee. They ran out the door and drived away. 4 more people peer their pants and left. This left me, 6 girls and 2 guys. One guy was standing next to the line watching girls pee their pants then saying hot. One girl got out of line and kissed him. He said hey babe, so obviously he was her boyfriend. They sat on the couch. I could tell that the girl needed to pee. Then, suddenly her blue pants turned dark, covering the guy in pee. She peed for a
loping time then held it for a second and sat on the guys *** and released more ****. It looked like he fell asleep, so he didn't notice. By now I was really desperate, holding the pee flow in. 4 of the girls had boyfriends that sat on the couch with them when they peed. The other two were friends, and left after they peed their pants. I felt some pee trickling down into my panties. I squeezed my legs together tight hoping that the bathroom would open up. It never did. I felt the pee flow increase soaking through my panties and making a small wet spot. I gave in and let the pee flow. It came out heavily, filling my pants quickly. I peed until a little nit bigger patch formed then I held it with all my strength and dragged my mom to the car and made her drive home. I walked inside and started running to the bathroom but after one step, the pee flowed out making a very loud hissing noise, filling my jeans, soaking. my socks, loading my rain boots with pee,pouring out onto the wood floor in huuuuge puddle,and making my mom step backwards. She grabbed a bucket, made me stand in it, then got a rag and sopped up the pee, and wringed it out into the bucket. She punished me by finding another bucket putting me in it, then dumping the pee in the bath tub. I finished peeing 1 quarter through the bucket and then she dumped that in th tub and said I had to stay in these clothes for a week without a bath. If I needed to pee, I would pee in the pants over a platform with holes in it she put over the tub. I did not tell her, but I now pee my pants whenever I need to because my punishment felt so warm and good. On the last day of my punishment I went to the tub to pee and instead of standing on the platform, I climbed into the warm tub and bathed in it. Obviously my mom heated the pee, or else it would be cold. This might sound fictional, but the buckets were pretty small, and so is my tub.
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Sorry, I don't really believe the part aboutlike 5 girls peeing on the couches, no offence :-(


Okay, so from "she punished me" to the end is fake my little sister got her older friend to type that in. I am so mad at her now!!! It wont let me edit it anymore, so just forget about that part. I hate little siblings. Does anyone agree?