so, i had been at a party earlier with my roomies, and had quite a few beers... we came home, and immediatly the bathroom was occupied. i had to go pretty bad, but i had used the potty at the party, so i let the girls go 1st. that was my first mistake. L went fast, but M was in there a while... meanwhile L and i changes into our pjs, me doing the pee pee dance to keep it in. i knocked on the bathroom door, and asked how much longer. M said she accidentally wet her pants a little, so she was gonna take a shower. before turning on the water, she tossed me er pants and asked me to throw them in the wash. like the good friend i am, i took them (she didn't wet them a litte=le... they were absolutely SOAKED, so i put them into the wash, and started it. the water rushing made me need to pee even worse, combined with the sounds of running water from M's shower. i stood there, kinda zonig out, and then realized i had leaked a little in my pajama bottoms. i quickly grabbed my crotch and statred for my bed to read so i could take my mind off the urge. that was thee 2nd mistake! i lay down, and just like that, i could feel my bladder protest. i grabbed for my crotch, but it was too late. i could feel hot pee rushing out of me, soaking my pants and the bedsheets. L, on her bed, watched me struggle, laughing. i go up, still peeing, and squatted onto the floor, taking off my pants. now i had my panties on, and was soaking my legs. it felt really good, and i sat there until i could control it. then i cleaned it up, still needing to pee, and waited for the bathroom to be open. it was, and i went in and washed my hands next to M, who was drying her hair. all of a sudden, the urge overtook me, and i doubled over, squirting into my panties. M and L stood there watching, and for their benefit, i moaned a little, holding my crotch. then, i let it all out onto the floor, listening to it hiss down my bare legs and onto the floor. it was awesome. i slept that night in my wet bed and panties, peeing every so often. :)
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Wow what a great pee accident what panties were you wearing and how many times did you wet urself that night?

Love story

You should've put on her soaked pants and re-wet them, that oughta teach her

Wow I would of changed you if I had been there


would of loved to wake up next to that mess txb x

glad ya'll like it! check out my other stories as well!