Peeing While Running!

this is my first time writing a story and am new to this community, so i hope you like it.

My name is dany and i have been wetting among other things for many many years. but i haven't wet in public in a long while. and tonight was my night.
for the first time in a while, i had a little pee adventure. last night i set out for a run. I like to keep in good shape and exercise often. last night as i was already bursting for a pee i put on my tight red running spandex and a sports bra. i wanted to go running through the woods at a local park, it was a bout a 35 minute drive to the park, and about 15 minutes in my bladder was ready to burst. a few times while driving i spurted leaking into my red spandex, but i was able to control it. well I'm new to my area and never ended up finding the park, so i searched my navigation for a local school with a track. i didn't think id make it and with a few small spurts along the way i finally arrived. by the time i got there i had a decent sized wet patch on mu mound but not to noticeable. i got out of the car and was really in trouble. there were plenty of places to take a squat but the track was filled with at least 5 other runners and walkers. so i did some stretches and as soon as i started i started to leak again, first a 5 second flow and then a 10 the relief felt amazing, but now it was really noticeable that i had wet myself. so i just started running. i was nervous but the more i had to pee and the exposure was making me even wetter, ad extremely horny. as i started running i would leak every so often. quite a strange feeling actually as the more i ran the more i had to pee, from all the bouncing up and down but i couldn't let it go i don't know why? so anyway as the wet patch grew it was a little brisk out and the warmth felt unreal, and when i was at the dark side of the track around the 2nd mile i had a feel at my crotch and noticed the damage was quite bad at this point. but none seemed to notice, and i was begging for at least 2 people to leave the track so i could let it go. around the third and a half mile i was actually in severe pain. and i new as soon as i stopped the floodgates would open. well i finally couldn't take the pressure anymore and even thug by this time only one person had left the track i couldn't handle the pain. i was about done with my run at this point anyway so just as i was about to let it go in front of all these people i waited until i was passing both a lady and man walking together. this was in a town where i new i didn't know anyone so i could care less about being seen. i finally bought up to them and was holding myself half doubled over. i stopped and the asked my if i was ok, i said yes I'm fine- and as soon as i started to say thank you i felt my hands becoming damp and warm. i couldn't even try to hold it in. i new i still had to walk two cool down laps so i wouldn't get cramps, or sore. so as i stood there with my hands between my legs next to these tow fellow walkers, i gasped and they both focused on my crotch, i put my hands up to my face, as this was a bit more exposure than I've ever had in the past. and the **** just poorer out of my lower half like a rainstorm. the wet patch on my crotch grew up and down onto my legs and started running down my legs, becoming shiny. i was walking along side them the whole time. the pee started to splatter against the floor and duddle into my shoes. the guy was looking in amazement . and the lady asked oh my are you ok? i couldn't even talk the relief was so incredible! and as i continued to pee for about two minutes or more strait, i continued to walk along side them, and explained what had happened. as i was still peeing and my shoes felt like i had walked through a pool and my crotch staying nice and warm, glistening with my pee, i was so wet and horny like never before. i couldn't take it another second. i had to touch myself, as i was practically on the verge of coming rite then and there. the woman asked me after the first lap around if i would like a change of cloths or a towel for my seat. i didn't really care if i was wet obviously, but i love getting nakid in front of strangers, especially when I've been humiliated. so her, and her boyfriend walked to her car and as i shook there waiting for her to grab some fresh cloths for me, i stared to pee again just a little but it still hit the floor and made a sound, she looked back and said oh dear whats wrong, i said i just couldn't help it. i almost came rite then and there. all i wanted to do was jam my finger against my pleasure spot! then as she said ahha, she turned around holding a pair of boy luvs, she said she had a son, and kept some in the car at all times. that looked like thee stretch to fit me. she said would this be ok i don't really have any cloths to give you. i said ok yes this way i won't wet on the way home. i said thanks, and she asked if i wanted to have her put them on for me. well why not i thought. so with her bf there i striped down and was nakid from stomach down aside from my shoes. i was yearning to be touched at this point like never before. so she took out a baby wipe and started to wipe all my areas off. she said spread your legs, and she wiped my hole, and buttocks. omg i was dieing this was too much!. then she slid the diaper on me and i said thank you so much. she gave me no sexual q's so i just acted as if i wasn't horny the best i could. i had the diaper on, then went back to my car and headed off but i needed to touch myself soon i could hardly concentrate on driving. so i pulled off at a local restaurant, and went to the back of the lot. i was shaking from excitement. shut off the car and put my hands down my diaper, and started to rub. and there were people coming in and out of this restaurant. which made it all the better. as i was rubbing i new i wasted to come, with someone watching, so i would move to the side of the car whenever someone passed by. and they deff saw my diaper , but many not what i was doing, it was dim lit. but i was getting plenty of stares. just as i was on the brink, i moved in front of my car where there are people about 30 ft. away, and rubbed as hard as i could, and exploded like never before. so much so i dropped to my knees, and gasped for air!!!
this was unreal i hope you liked my story
please share your comments and experiences, i would love to hear them!
thanks for reading.
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Wow! Please add me!

That was.great :)

MMMMMMM!! wish I could have felt your wet spandex on you....

So hot!

i... i came... twice...


This story made me *** so more then I have ever *** before!

Wow !!! Awesome xxxx

That was so perfect!

I've peed while running a few times. I don't want to get my shoes and orthotics wet though, so I either have to stop and take them off or wear a diaper. The diaper can rub a little, but not too bad.

Well that's turned me on- wow what a post.

Love when a girl pees herself. And then needs to finger herself.


I'm not a pee guy, but this was an amazing story, thank you! the woman actually wiped you and diapered you? fantastic!

Sometimes I walk or run with a full bladder just to have to wet my shorts or pants.<br />
It makes me very aroused and I have to ********** after that, as you did, but I've never dare to do this in front strangers. <br />
Your story makes very horny, and right now I have to ********** imagining you by me ******* your running pantsā€¦<br />
Thanks for the pleasureā€¦

hey great story,<br />
im so turned on by you and your story<br />
as a male i experience peeing as a natural part of sex<br />
would love to see your pics.<br />
would love to share more

You sound so horny? Lets skype!

Goat go to horny to types

Thanks everyone

wow<br />
what a great story <br />
i love it so much

Thank u so much.

Desperate & wet in spandex -- that is just about as hot as it gets! Very sexy babe!

what do you mean when you exploded

OMG that is so horny u should go to a nude beach and do that

That sounds pretty fun by the way please add me or accept me can i hav ur email ok not ur real one but atleast a fake 1 without any of ur real info

wow i like wetting myself too it makes me horny as well and the felling is so good