Peeing My Short Shorts On The Bus

So I was coming home from the coffee shop in the morning via the bus. I had had two cups of coffee and a water plus I woke up having to pee a bit but just decided to hold it. As I got on, I realized that I really should've used the bathroom before I left. When I got to my seat I crossed my legs to help hold the pee in, I didn't want to grab my crotch in public, but I knew it wouldn't help for long. 'Oh god why did I wear short shorts? I would much rather pee myself in some jeans!' I thought to myself as the time passed. Suddenly the bus lurched to a stop and it surprised me so much that I had to throw both hands on my croth to stop pee from spurting out. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on not p*ssing in my shorts but then the bus hit another stop sign too fast and warm pee soaked my panties before I managed too stop the flow. 'Oh sh*t,' I thought to myself, 'what if there's a wet spot showing?!' I slowly peeked down and saw wet spot about the size of a dollar bill on my crotch. I was so shocked and embarrassed that I completely started to pee right there. I could feel my but starting to soak with pee as I sat there awkwardly biting my lip. The warm p*ss was running down my thighs and even trickling past my knees because the short shorts couldn't soak it all up. The wetting finally stopped and I stood up to see that I had even left a puddle on the seat. I was super embarrassed when everyone giggled at the sight of me getting off the bus in my wet shorts. I got home, sat on the couch, put my hand in my shorts, and m*sterbated until I came in my pee pee shorts and panties. I even licked a finger on my left hand and put it down the back of my shorts to finger my but hole (anal just gets me so turned on!). All in all, it was a good day
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7 Responses Jun 28, 2012

love this one :3

I love ************ in my pee soaked pants, I'm doing it now.

naughty naughty!

I do love a lovely butt in a wet short…<br />
This makes me so aroused as you were…<br />
Thanks for your story…

wow<br />
happy ending story!

SO hot! Why am I never on a bus when that sort of thing happens??

soooo hot. add me please :)