I Peed My Snowsuit At 12

Me, my family and one of my friends went to a

ski resort went i was 12 years old. It's was

only my second time i skiied so i was a

beginners. In that time, i had a very small

bladder, and maybe that's why I wet the bed.

My friends knew that I peed each 2 hours but

didn't know for my betwetting and some of my

small leaks that I hided.

So we began to ski,

I feel the urge to pee after only one hour and

a half, beacause of the cold, and I drank a

orange juice before. I was angry against me, I

knew I should not drink the orange juice.

After like 10 minutes, in the chairlift, , I

began to shake and squirme and my father

noticed and he asked me if I should go, I said

YES. My friend laught a little bit went he

heard that.During the descent, I was going to

explode. When we arriving at the cottage, I

let go some jet which wet my panties

considerably. By releasing the pressure, at

least I was able to go to the toilet and

finish. But I was a little wet and

uncomfortable. I have not told anyone.

After lunch, which I'd drank a coke, but I

went to the toilet before. I still felt the

urge in the chairlift after only 2 hours, but

this time it was a very strong. I told my

father that I would stop at the cottage after

the descent. My friend he told me, laughing, -

"You pee every 5 minutes !". At the top of the

mountain, the beginner track was closed

because off work. We stopped to decide which

track we will do and falling on.That time, I

was shaking and I try desperately to keep it .

My friend looks at me when I felt the pee come

in. My panties were wet very quickly to go

down along my legs. I knew this time I would

not hold it. I look away from my friend while

peeing uncontrollably until my boots. I felt

really bad and my friend, I think he

suspected, asked me what was happening. I was so

ashamed, but our complicity push me to tell

him - "I just peed ...". He ask me wonder -

"How much" and I replied "I drop everything."

He asked me if I would tell my parents and I

replied  no, too shameful. He then told me

he would keep it for himself , I was happy with

his reaction. I was all wet for the rest of

the day, I was a little cold. When I remove

my snowsuit next to fred, there was a fairly strong smell

of pee in the air. I started to cry and then he

looked at me saying- "Do not worry it will be

a secret for both of us."

My mother finally know that I peed in my snowsuit by doing his wash and

fred and I never forget this scene that

made us so close. He is now by best friends

and I thank him again that he didn't tell that at school.

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1 Response Oct 30, 2012

Now, I wet my bed again sometime. I have a very small bladder so I can't hold it to much longer so if I can't use a bathroom faster, I will leak, or totaly peed my pants. When I am in public, I don't like it, but alone in my room, I did it like 1 time per month.