I was with my friends Alex and Rick, (You may remember Alex from my other stories) But we were walking down the street and I told them I had to use the bathroom and they called me a wimp so I thought I can hold my pee atleast as long as im awake. So we were walking on the street and went to a few stores (even with bathrooms) and then at one point I tripped on a rock while trying to not wet myself and I totally flooded my jeans. Alex and rickie laughed at me and said I was a wimp. Im quite strong so guess what happened next? I ended up being the ones laughing at them.....even though I had wet jeans in public. Alex and rickie walked away and I bought a bottle of water and tried to hide my wet spot and much as I could. At one point while 'drinking water" I spilled it on my jeans to make it look like I spilled water on myself after that I didn't talk to rickie or Jason for a month at this point I was 14yrs old
Wetjeans12345 Wetjeans12345
26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014