O Man!!!

Ok, so im at my friends house, and we were hangin out for a while... I really had to go to the bathroom, for before i went over, I had drank three tall boys and beer really makes me have to ****... Well, my homie told me to go **** outside, but i really don't like doing that, plus, it seemed for very unfortunate me, both neighbors around homeboi's house were having bbq's with ton's of ppl.. He told me that his toilet was broken, and that if i really had to pee, id either have to walk down the road to the grocery store, which is like, half a mile away, NEVER MAKE IT!, or I'd have to pee outside... I told him I could do neither, as well as the fact that i no longer wanted to move from where i was standing talking to him in the livingroom, for i felt and feared that if i did, i would **** a river all in my Blue Jeans and White FTL Boxer-Briefs. I shared this with my friend, and he looked at me, and said dude, if you really have to, just come with me, we'll go stand in the bathroom, and you can pee in your pants in the shower. I have a pair of Underwear and Jeans you can wear. I thought about this for a moment, and realised instantly that that was a mistake, for asa soon as i took my concintration off of my bladder, My bulging penis erupted in my pants with the Largest Stream of deep Yellow Pee I think I've ever seen! My penis was pointed up in my pants, for i do have a big one, and it hurts when i point it down into the underwear, and it also is very noticable. Pee spread all over the front of my Jeans, and down both legs. We both just stood there, watching the yellow-spot spread across my Pants. It went down both legs, and into my shoes. I said o god!, that feels so much better. He smiled at me, and said I'kll go get those Jeans and Briefs then.. I said Uh oh!, as he started to walk away, for not only was i still Peeing in my White FTL Boxer-Briefs, which were so stained now that I don't think i even kept em, I was about to poop my pants aswell.. I could already tell i was prary-doggin it, and if i continued to pee anymore, i would explode from behind. Problem was, i had peed for like 30 seconds already, and it didnt seem to be stopping. My friend asked me whats wrong, and the moment I looked at him, we both herd, and i felt what happened next. The back of my White FTL Boxer-Briefs expanded under the weight of a good, hard, 3 or 4 healthy turd Loggs. They felt so good in the back of my White FTL BB's. My homie was like Dude! that is a massave load. He felt the back of my pants, after he had seen how far they expanded... Lets just say, after i wass done taking a shower and putting on his sexy *** briefs and Blue Jeans, which made my *** look great, he gave me a blow job, and i swear i had died and gone to pee pants heaven... :D

PantsPooper09 PantsPooper09
26-30, M
Mar 3, 2010