The Best Day Ever

I was in my boyfriends car and i really needed a wee and i wasn't trying to hide it both havnds pushing against my pee hole. He stopped the car in a parking lot and removed both my hands from my pee hole and began playing with me.I shouted at him that i was about to wet myself and he undid his trousers and pulled out his **** he had a hard on he pulled me on to the back seat and we had desperate sex after we had done we forgot about going to see his sister and he took me back to his fla and tied me up i was squirming like hell untill i peed for two minites flat he then layed me down on his bed and peed on me.
it was amazing.
i am really desprate to go now to i think i'm going to go and get in the huge que for the loos at the fair and lose conrol in the line in my really tight grey jeans and white cotton panties :-P
Penelope756 Penelope756
18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

U can pee on me

very nice

Sounds like a good idea, I would queue just to watch you lose control...<br />

That would do me fine. Did it happen?