Extreme Pleasure Wet!

A close friend and I were going on a road trip. I decided that I would be smart enough to wear a diaper to save the seat of my car.. As we got driving my friend realized he had to pee so bad. So I told him that we could pull over and he could whip out his **** to take a leak. He passed and said I would rather hold until I can no longer.. I am driving along with the dirty thoughts running through my mind when he asks me to pull over. Instead I told him that when I pull over he can lean over and stick his **** in my diaper and we can wet together. Just then I looked down and his rock hard **** was being pulled out of his pants and into my diaper. I can hardly contain myself at that moment. He then let his large flow out and it's got a lot of pressure. As he is peein so am I. I then rubbed his **** until he came all over my ***** :)
Minniemouse10 Minniemouse10
4 Responses May 14, 2012

Nice may I **** on you?

Nice story- seems to hit a nerve on a few people me included. Keep on *******!

Love this story! Would love this to happen to me, I don't wear diapers, but to have a guy **** in my jeans as I **** would be hella sexy!

I'll **** in your jeans i'd love to get youturned on and soke your jeans sexy *****

ooh. i'm not that into peeing as a fetish but this is one thing that does get me off thinking about peeing in someone else's pants through their fly or something or them doing it to me.