In Someone Else's Pickup!

I have a friend who has some very strange ideas (strange even to me that is!). One of them is to have someone drive his vehicle (in this case a pickup) and **** while driving.

I'd always wanted to do this but didn't want to do it in my own car since I didn't want the car smelling like that. So I agreed.

As part of the game, I tied him up naked on my deck, then took off wearing only running shorts. As soon as I got underway, I began to let it flow. First a little bit came out, then more and more. Finally, I was able to keep it going until I was done. It was such a thrill I got turned on some! By then, the seat was soaked. I stopped at a convenience store, got out in my wet shorts for all to see, and washed the inside windshield as it was so dirty and tobacco-stained I could barely see out of it, then got back in and returned home.

I took off my shorts when I got back. The guy had gotten out of his bindings and I held them out for him to see. He asked if I'd done it and I said yes. He put his jeans back on and then said he needed to **** so I got down in front of him, pulled them down again, and took his warm stream. What he didn't realize until he got the jeans pulled back up was that I had gotten them wet also while drinking from him! He then asked for a towel to sit on and of course I refused saying he'd wanted this so he had to sit in the wet seat. (I don't know if he bared his *** to avoid getting his pants any wetter.)

I hope to do it to him again some day.

******* your pants in your car is fun, but doing it in someone else's is more fun!

NakedDriver NakedDriver
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hehe! ;-P