Had To Pee While Stuck In Traffic

This might sound unreal but it did happen. One day after going for a run and drinking about 2-3bottles of water I was heading home and was about 3 exits before my exit when traffic came to dead stop.First I'm thinking k,what are the morons looking at now its probably a fender bender but after 10minutes of sitting in the same spot no one moving I'm realizing this is pretty serious.I see people getting out of the cars to see whats happening and finally one man said a car flipped and is on the divider the cops have closed the highway.I'm thinking this would happen to me,I go back to my car and listen to my radio but 20minutes after sitting I realized I needed to pee.I just blew it off cause I can usually hold it for awhile...that was my mistake cause those 3bottles of water were taking their toll on me. 10minutes later I'm fidgeting in my car and leaning putting my hands between my legs,leaning forward trying to take control of my bladder.After 5minutes I try to calm down and decide to get out of my car to take the pressure or my bladder,that seemed to help the urge to pee seemed to have gone away. An hour hlf goes by and still no sign of relief at this time I'm going from sitting,standing anything to prevent myself from peeing and as I'm doing this I keep thinking "Its 3 exits from my exit maybe I can leave my car here go to the gas station and come back,"As I'm thinking this I feel this drip of pee come out and I freak out and quickly open my door and face the inside of my car so no one can see me ramming my hands to my crotch.Suddenly I hear someone saying "this sucks," and I turn around and theres this extremelly good looking guy blonde hair,blue hairs and built. That in itself seemed to get my mind off my problem.
As we're talking he says "I've been driving home for the last 3hours non-stop to surprise my parents for their anniversary," and I tell him thats real sweet and he continues than he says "what really sucks I've been having to pee for the last 3 hours but haven't stopped and now this." At this moment my eyes teared up as my need to pee came back all of a sudden he opens his door leans really close to the crease of it and I hear the sound of his zipper and than I realize what hes doing right infront of me,I hear the first drop of pee hit the street than I hear this stream of pee starting and stopping and I see him putting his free hand to rest on the car door and at this point I'm facing towards my car my legs are crossed and both my hands are rammed up to my crotch and my wiggling like anything.As if that wasn't bad enough the people behind me their little boy maybe 8 had to pee and he starts now I'm dying I can't stand it anymore so I go into my car and ram my hands back up to my crotch to hold back the pee thats about to come flooding out,I'm starting too cry bc it hurts so much.I finally compose myself and decide to get out of my car and stand up to take the pressure off bad idea bc it feels like my bladder just fell through I'm clotching onto my door and all of a sudden I feel someone's arm on my shoulder and its the guy I was talking to he asks me if I'm ok and I tell him no I really have to pee I can't hold it anymore and than he gets this look on his face he reaches into my car and turns the radio on and I'm thinking 'I'm about to pee all over and this guy wants to play with my radio," than shakrias song hips don't lie comes on and I feel him come behind me and he puts his hands around my stomach and I'm basically begging him to stop and than on cue he starts rubbing against me than in an instant the flood gates open I spread my legs and the pee comes streaming out luckily I was wearing shorts..the song stops and he says "you feel better?" and I nod my head as more pee continues to come out he excuses himself and returns to his car and starts peeing again he says "I never got to finish," I laughed.
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So cool

awesome story hun thanks for sharing xx

great story did you enjoy it