Well I Sort Of Kind Of Did. I Had A Pull Up On.

Ok. On this topic I am going to carbon copy the entire story. I think it best fits 2 different categories. I would not want some one missing this story if they were a member of one group, and not the others.

I wet my pants on an airplane. Yes I did! Certain people in my life are not all that accepting of my diapers. So I often wear when I am away from those people. Currently they are a half a world away! I have some pretty long trans-ocianic flights. 33 hour total trip time.

Now I am not incontinent. but love my diapers. So when flying I decided to try one of those belted/strap-on type diaper guards. Not a real diaper, not even a pull up. I think one package calls itself a belted undergarment.

I wore my diaper for the whole 33 hours. Of course I hit the bathrooms when available and when time permitted. But on the rest of the journey I just let little controlled pee squirts into the diaper. I think I had to change it once about half way through my trip.
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Sounds like fun. My last flight, and it has been a few years, I leaked enough to soak my panties before I could get out of my seat and to the toilet. Once there I left my panty on while using the toilet. They were pretty wet anyway. I had to pee three times on that flight and left my panty on each time. That was before I tried wearing a diaper. A comfortable dampness as you say.

No leaks. Like I said, pretty much made sure I controlled my urinary output. I just let occasional spurts out, saved the rest for the restrooms along the way. I just wanted a comfortable dampness. Although, caught before a leak I did change out 1 along the way.<br />
I hate most if not all belted/ pull-up style absorbent products, as they are not meant for full-on *******, and they leak. So I like more formidable diapers. I am personally a DL. While I wear on occasion (1-2 times a month; Down from 2-3 times weekly) I'd prefer a female counterpart who I could place into diapers.