Feeling naughty and wanting to wet, I am slowly wetting myself at work today, to the point that it is now showing on my jeans... just served a customer and was weeing bit by bit as we talked! Rather chuffed with myself and loving every minute!
wetnsquishy wetnsquishy
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I love doing that while shopping, waiting in checkout-lane or/and standing in front of a pretty cashier girl...

I love doing that

I hope u get fired. Thats unprofessional and immature.

Not being able to control ur bladder. But doing it on purpose is just...omg. I cant even do that on purpose because of the potty training when i was a toddler. Idk how people cam seriously do this. And in public too. And on the job!!

Not being able to control ur bladder is one thing.*

Lol im pretty sure no one 100% follows EP policy

Acebo u are a really stupid person honestly just cause u don't understand doesn't mean u have to be an arse

Im not stupid lol. Stupidity and ignorance are 2 different things. But you're right that I dont understand. Maybe if someone could explain why this "passtime" is so enjoyable to him/her, I would understand a little better. But I would never try it "wetnsquishy." I like to be clean.

I see your point, but I wet my jeans to and love it. If I see something on here I do not agree with I go to something different, We Should all be allowed to express our experiences without be put down for it,

Lol! Maybe you should try this adult passtime which is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide! (Do your research on ep, wetting is on of the biggest shared interests, the site is inundated with it)
Anyhoo, toodle-pip!

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Plus I keep getting a lovely scent as I wore the briefs for two days prior to yesterday, and wet them a little yesterday, they were almost dry but still a little damp in the crotch this morning when I put them back on before today's fun... it's lovely, Just a pity I have to let them dry now fir when I go home as the Mrs won't be too chuffed about my antics... miss living alone at times, this would've carried on way into the night by which point I would be drenched and do would various areas of my home...

I wish you would!