I am 14 years old, yesterday while sleeping i was dreaming of peeing my self then i woke up, my pants and bed were wet it was awesome feeling <3
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i would love to wake up beside u in a puddle of your warm pee

Dreaming of peeing is a common way of your mind telling your body to lit it go. If you don't want to have a puddle, you should wake up before you go in your dream.

How do you do that? I dream of peeing all the time and that's never happened to me.


It happens

i know how good it feels i have start wet my self when i was 12

I remember having "pee dreams" when I was a kid...and waking up wet, too.


Its fun to do that once in awhile, if you like it, you could pee your panties in the bathtub before your shower keep them on to clean them out during the shower after words. Or find a place to keep one pair of panties just for your own fun

I used to have a pair of undies I did that with, but maybe try to hide them in your closet under a bunch of old cloths, or put them in between your box spring and mattress. you do your own laundry