The Daily Task

It was always a way of cleaning myself up, and that was to **** in my blue jeans, on a daily basis. I would always keep a pair of jeans stored out in the woods near my house, just in case,I was ever out there and took a poop in my pants. If I, need a fresh pair, I, would **** and the clean up from the s**t, was easier, water source not always available. Sso, I always chose the next best thing and that was to **** myself. I often times would store my **** in a coffee can, or some sort of container. My parents never found of this, but I had a feeling my brother did though?

My tried to hide it from him, but he alway follow me, till I learned to run and hide better. If he had caught me, he would have gotten me in trouble, that's what brothers are good for! agree? I would often change into swimming trunks or shorts, and sometimes, underwear, if I had any at the time, most ran out of underwear, by mid-week, because I would use them to sh*t them. Most part I loved to **** and sh*t in my blue jeans, it was my comfort zone. I could escape from the real world as I knew, it. And during the winter months I still liked to have a good old ****, when I was outside, it kept me warm briefly, but there again I was ******* and shi**ing, my pants, because normally my mother would take my brother to basketball games he was in. My dad was the sitter, and a good one at that time because he always slept, during the times I would **** my pants, or shi* them. I miss those days gone by. Now I just sit home and due it more often, since, I know how to wash clohtes, and take care of myself.
pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Aug 9, 2010