8th Grade Bus Ride Home

It was the end of the day and I was on the bus heading home from school after the first day of school. i had a great time and was ready to get home and play. I had to pee really bad and tried to hold it as long as I could. I had loved getting wet for years already and it was not the first time I got soaked. my whole wet fetish started around the age 6 at summer camp one year when I forgot my bathing suit and had to swim in my clothes, but back to the story. I was the last bus stop and I was the only one that got off at it, so I knew that I could pee myself and get away with it. I had on brand new American Eagle jeans ,AE boxers, AE T-shirt and the $100 DVS skate shoes my mom told me not to get wet or muddy . ( my parents already knew I loved to get wet and muddy so all I had to hide from them was the peeing part but that was easy to do most of the time). So as I'm sitting on the bus I just let the pieeT flow and I could feel it soaking my jeans and boxers and start to puddle up in my seat. It felt so good and no one really noticed it at all.When my stop came up I got up and could feel the pee run down my legs into my shoes. Let me tell you that's the best feeling in the world. As I walked home from the bus stop in soaking wet jeans I could not help but to jump in the river by my house with all my clothes on and I swam for about an hour with all my new school clothes on. Talk about the best first day of school ever....
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You have a fetish to urinate in your jeans. I know that feeling very well. When you give into the feeling, the best way to get rid of the evidence is to go into water or a leisurely walk in heavy rain. In my adolescent days, I'd urinate in my levis, go into the water, and on a summer's day, continuing wearing the wet jeans 'till dry. The big bonus is, it's all a very sensual, sexy feeling.

I would rather have had that experience sitting next to a teenage ssbbw.