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Hi to all wetters out there, how old were you when you discovered that you liked wetting yourself, i was thirteen and never looked back since.

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I was in year 1, 6-7 years old. In this time I saw my best friend to wet himself in our way to home from the school. I was fascinated to see him. I want to write story about that. But in that age I did not know what is excitement. But I played this moment often in my head.
In year 4 I self wet myself right in the class. Here is story:
I must admit that I liked it- not teasing after but warm between my legs which spread down did make me horny.
In year 10 I peed myself in the school trip:
After arrival I in the class I felt that I became be horny. I orgasmed in the class so strong was feeling of my peed jeans. If I get possibility I peed my jeans at home so much often.

I was 13. I had my first ****** and *********** in bed accidentally, not knowing what they were, and thought I'd peed myself as that amazing new sensation happened. That was a little shameful and babyish, but my god, what a feeling. I wanted it again and again. Over time it led me to pee my pants on purpose, to see what it felt like.

The earliest I recall was at 7 or 8 years old, but it was possibly earlier than that.

In about August of the year I started 8th grade, my mom took me shopping for new school clothes - as usual. Among other things, I got 2 new pair of Levis 501 Jeans. That evening after dinner, I put on a pair of the new jeans and went outside to just goof around. It was a lovely warm evening. We lived on a small ranch and we had one of those propane tanks in back of the house for cooking and heating fuel. I got up onto the tank and sat astride it as though I was sitting on a horse. I sat there enjoying the evening watching the occasional car that came up the road in front of our place. I always liked to guess what kind of car it was when it was still pretty far off in the distance and then see if I was right as it got close enough to see some detail. Since it was so warm, I had drunk several large glasses of iced tea with dinner. So as I sat watching the road, I began to need a pee. I ignored it for a while, but that much tea drained through pretty quick, so my need grew rather quickly. As I tried to wait a few more minutes before going back to the house the thought just struck me. Why not just pee in my new jeans right were I sat? It turned me on to think about it. So I decided to make a game of it and hold on as long as I could possibly stand to do so. I let another half hour or so pass, by which time I was really feeling very desperate so I just let go. What a rush and a thrill! The pee actually squirted through the button up fly of my jeans and ran down the outside front of my jeans while my **** continued hosing down the inside of the jeans. I just loved it as the front of the jeans turned darker, as did the inside of both legs as the pee ran down both legs and dripped out of the cuffs onto the ground. I must have peed for a full minute or more, then I got pretty hard as I sat I admiring the "damage." I just sat there watching the cars for another 20 minutes or so and finally peed my jeans once more before going in the house. Fortunately, my bedroom was in back right across from the utility room which had an outside entrance, so I was able to easily get to my room to change without anyone noticing my on-purpose "accident." The rest of my family was in the living room watching TV at the time. I have been a pants ****** on and off (mostly on) ever since! Wouldn't ever think of giving it up! The most fun you can have with your clothes on!

I was ten.

I was ten.

i was 10 yrs old and now i look back at it and try 2 get other ten yr olds to do it too

for me 12 13 when i had my first ****** in my wet bed waiting for dad and his belt as i lay there humping my wet sheets and plastic materess cover first time it happened i thought i was wetting myself again

I would be about 11 or 12 when I realised just how much I enjoyed it but being wet never bothered me from a very young age. My mother had a terrible time trying to potty train me because I just didn't care if I was wet or dirty.

I was about 15 when I realized that I liked ******* myself. I really like laying in the tub and aiming my<br />
**** toward my mouth and drinking it!

i think i was 10?

Middle school, age 13 was the magic time for me.

I think I was about 10. Used to do it when no-one was home..Have always been a closet wetter since.........

I would be about 11, Wet and pooed my pants by accident from 7 too 15 years of age<br />
but around 11 sitting in a wet chair in class got me feelin sexey<br />
then at home used too stand in the bath and pee my school uniform<br />
whilst parents out, so sexey..still doing it the best

I was the same age as you when I discovered accidentally that it felt wonderful to pee in my pants. Have kept on doing it ever since and probably always will. Stay wet man, and enjoy!