I Peed Myself In A Public Bathroom

This was a few years ago.
I went into the cinema bursting for a pee and decided I'd get my tickets from the machine first. I got them whilst dancing back and forth they fell on the floor and i bent to pick them up and a squirt of hot pee shot out down my leg and I all most peed right there. I ran to the bathrooms and found a massive line at the woman's bathroom. I stood in line and I leaked again but more this time. I realised I wouldn't make it in time so I realised I had my go girl with me and ran into the men's bathroom and just as I got to the urinals i leaked even more and struggled to stop it I jammed my hand into my crotch and then positioned my go girl so I could pull down my pants quickly and shove the go girl in place but I heard someone come in and tried to run to a cubicle and tried again to get the go girl in place but I leaked and this time I couldn't stop it so a guy I knew came in and saw me pee all over my hands and the floor but Luckly I was wearing a mini skirt so no pee got on it so after I finished peeing myself there was a massive puddle on the floor and the guy was getting ready to pee but he recognised me so we started to talk and he forgot he had his penis in his hand and started ************ without realising and ********** then peed down himself so I ran to my car and got new jeans for him then we made out during the movie.
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Very very nice - lovely / mwah xxx

What a show for him. I envy him.

wow that sounds like fun :)