I Wet In Line For The Bathroom

okay,i was in Derby house and i needed the toilet.i just ignored it .on the way home i really had to go.Unluckily there was a traffic jam. after 1h 30m We started moving. An hour or so down the road a little pee came out.i finally stopped at a garage . The line was so long i almost started crying .When i was second in line a spurt of pee came out and the person in front of me started laughing. i was so embarrassed i completely peed myself .
chachathebest chachathebest
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Hey,it happens,even to guys..Just laff about it..A few times when I thought I had made it,I relaxed too soon..What a nice warm surprise..LOL

Aww I'm sorry

thanx xx