I was camping with my boyfriend his sister and our other friend we was in a tent with two sides the boys ways in one the girls way in one we was in the woods so there wasn't a bathroom there was a water holes we used for showers and just used to bathroom in the woods but at night people went together cause it was dark I needed to pee I just had panties and a long shirt on that how I sleep I woke my bf sisters up who is my friend and told her she was dressed like me but a short shirt on we went by the river so it was a long walk when I got behind a tree I rises my shirt up and peed before I got my panties off and she laughed at me they was white so they was ruined I took them off and I was covered with my shirt she I took the water to clean the pee and she gave me extra panties to wear and a towl this hasn't been the only time just the most recent
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what a lovely oops
golden kisses

What a cute story, i love it!