The Time I Peed Myself *i'm A Girl*

So I was walking home from school. On the bus I had a slight urge to go pee, but I thought nothing of it. As I was walking the urge came more and more, at this point I was running. I couldn't find my keys! I was rummaging through my backpack, and the urge was so much that I had to kneel down and put my foot where my crotch is and push upwards. I finally found it and opened the house door, I ran inside. Near the front entrance I couldnt walk any farther, I dropped to the floor and did that crotch holding thing again. I knew I couldnt make it and I just let all loose. The floor was soaked but we had wood floors and nobody was home. I wiped it up with some paper towels. The pee turned me on.
GrossLOL GrossLOL
Dec 16, 2012