When I Was Young

i was about eight and we were in the car on the way to pennsylvania. i had a rather strong bladder for an eight year old and could hold for a long time.well, i had been asking my mom to stop for at least an hour but we were driving through nothing but fields.so i was told to go in the trunk and get a towel out of one of our suitcases.i was then told to fold the towel up and put it on my seat.this was of course in case i wet myself.
i put up a good fight. but then about twenty seconds after the towel was in place my bladder gave in and the flood gates oppened.my god did it feel good...that was the fist time i had wet myself scince i was out of diapers.

p.s. if you would like to get together for some water games/staged pee desperation contact me at violetvoldemort16@yahoo.com
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Your parents was very nice with you

What did your parents say when they saw that you had wet the towel?<br />
When did you next wet yourself?