Funtime At Bedtime

So this story happens a few years back. Back when I was 17, in high school. A few months before I got sick with what was found out to be appendicitis (took the doctor a little under a year to realize I had abnormal symptoms for appendicitis, luckily it did not burst).

So one night I was go off to bed after talking to my girlfriend at the time. I climbed up the ladder to get into bed. At that time in my life I shard my room with my Aunty who came to live with us. Because of that I had a bunk bed, there was a double bed on the bottom for my Aunty to sleep on and in the to there was a single bed for me. I didn't mind it but I couldn't move around to much when she was asleep because the bed would creek.

Once I was in bed, with the covers over me, I tried to sleep. With my luck at the time I couldn't sleep. It was a school night and school had just stared back up from 2 weeks holidays. My body was out I whack, I spent so many night staying up late and sleeping in all day. So there I was unable to sleep.

You'd think my first thought would be to try and count sheep or some like that, but me being me I decided to play with myself. At the age of 17 I was into touching myself when ever I got the chance to be alone.

So I lying on my back touching my vagina through my pajamas. I rubbed up and down from the bottom of my lips to my ****. Ever time I reached my **** I circled it. After a while I grow bored and want to do something different. I rolled over onto my stomach and reached under my pillow. Under my pillow was a hand towel that I had there for when I was sick, if I was going to puke I would rather puke on the soft hand towel then all over my bed and have to clean it up.

When I had the towel in my hand I reached down to my pajama shorts and pulled them down along with my underwear. I pulled them down to about my knees so I wouldn't have to get out of bed to pull the back up... I wouldn't want to have to get out of bed naked from wast down and have someone walk in and be asking questions or create something awkward between myself and the other person.

So with my pajamas and underwear out of the way I folded the towel and rolled it into the shape of a small log. Great size to hump. I lifted my hips and placed the logged shaped towel between my leg, up against my awaiting *****.

The towel was soft and felt nice against my *****. I grounded myself into the towel, feeling it rub against me. But that wasn't the only thing I had planned to do with the towel, no I planned to take a **** into it as well as rubbing my ***** up against it. The idea of feeling my warm pee squirting against the fabric creating a warm feeling against my ***** while I got off sounded so hot. The though alone turned me on.

So that's what I did. I relaxed my bladder and forced some pee out. As the pee came out I slowly rocked my hips. When I had a nice warmth I stopped my pee and started to rock fasted against the now wet hand towel. I was so turned on at that point that it didn't take long for me to come, with my **** rubbing against the warm wet towel it really didn't take long and with what I had did before had helped with me not lasting long.

Even tho I came quick I still really enjoyed my ******. I have done that again... Well not in the same way. I have peed on something and then humped it. I want to do it again but I have much bigger plans from my pee, like soaking a pair of sneakers I have or having another pee in my bed.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Probably the wrong thing to be focussing on but I have the same bed, a bunk with double on the bottom, that's my one, my bro sleeps on the single in top and I know what you mean you can barely move without it creaking heaps