Just Monday

As some may remember, on Monday it was raining. Me and my friend Melanie decided to go jump on the trampoline in the our bikinis while it rained. My bikini was red with white polka dots. About 5 minutes later, it stopped raining. Me and Mel decided to turn on our hose and spray each other. Of course, this was after school, so I hadn't peed since that morning (8 hours earlier) Just as if Melanie knew, she sprayed my right in the ***** with the cold hose water. I couldn't hold on any longer, and I started to feel warmth on my *****. I kept trying to stop, but my bladder was so full there was no way. I peed for about a minute and a half, and after I peed I felt great! My bottoms had begun to sag off my *****, but no problem ;)
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

It's ok to pee in bathing suits it should be socially accepted but for some reason it's not sometimes

I've always loved peeing in the rain, and I've peed wearing my swimsuit, but never on a trampoline. Great story.