Soft Carpet

when i was in my bedroom watching tv i had to pee so i pulled off my clothes got naked and peed on the carpet. It looked so cool making a giant wet circle in the blue carpet that was by my bed. It was so good.
mwebb1993 mwebb1993
18-21, F
12 Responses May 16, 2012

sometimes i wish i was a caarpet

Wish my feet were in the puddle. Or maybe the stream:)

How far can u pee?

Will you pee on my car?

Thanks for your pee posts. Its hard to find cute girls that are in to this sort of thing.

When you got to go you got to go where ever. :)

I love your story. But I always use my panties instead of naked (;

Cool. It feels so good to just **** right where you are, especially when your not supposed to. I love to **** on the floor and everywhere like all over hotel rooms, my bed, the kitchen counter, in the dishwasher, in the laundry pile, in my pants, all over my self, outside.............

Why don't you pee in your panties sometimes or do you ?? that would be hot more ways than one .

yes i pee in my panties sometimes

Doesn't that feel good! I love to pee on the carpet in the same way. We should pee together sometime.


I will let you pee into all carpet. My bed is also open to your wetting

sounds fun

A clean unprotected bed, just to be pissed by you!

I offer my rooom to your naughty pee anywhere you whant to.

Wana **** naughtyly over thing in my bedroom? Lay on my bed and let all your pee go on without any troubles anytimes

And the carpet was just asking for it!

Yeah it was.