Just Peed My Bedroom Carpet.

I have the house to myself for a few days, and after finding the carpet peeing groups I was tempted to try it myself. Normally I thought I was going to wet myself too but it didnt workout this time. Ive been wanting to do this all morning but just laid in bed having to pee. Then I got up to do something and as was bout to walk out my door, I decided to do a quick dose of pee on the carpet next to the door by my hamper. Pulled the front of my sleep pants and underwear down and did that, then looked behind me out the door for whatever reason before thinking 'oh what the hell' and began peeing fully, all of it splashing and making a puddle on the carpet. It felt and looked awesome, but after I finished I quickly got most of what could absorb with one towel and have another towel sitting on my deed with hamper sitting on it to hopefully help it get the rest. Might do it one more time later, not sure yet, or I might wait to see how this wetting looks later, whats left of it.
I think itll be dried out and everything before folks come back on monday.
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1 Response May 25, 2012

Yes, it feels great to pee on the carpet. Keep it up! When you get your own place, you won't have to clean it up. :)