The First Time I Did It And It Wasn't My Last

The first time I peed on the carpet in my bedroom was when I was about 13. At the time I was sharing a room with my sister and auntie, when had moved into my auntie two bedroom apartment. My parents had there own room and my sister and I share with my auntie. So my sister share the double bed with my auntie and I had a mattress on the floor because there was not enough room to put my bed up.

So one day when I was home along I though "**** it I want to pee on the floor". I had been thinking about it for a while, by that time I has already peed outside in different places and inside in the bathroom.

So there I was, home alone with a quest set. Since I had been think about it for a while I had it all planned out, I was going to move my mattress and pee on the floor under my mattress. It was simple, pee there and then hide it with my mattress laying over the top of it.

I moved my mattress... I think I put it on its side, not sure. Once the mattress was out of the was I pulled my pants along with my underwear down to my ankles. I squatted over the carpet, with my ***** was a few inch's away. I made sure my clothing was in the way, I did't want to mess my clothing and have to explain to my mother why my clothing smelt like ****.

Once everything was in check, I let out a few squirts of pee before looking that the damage. When I saw it wasn't much of a puddle I decide it was a go big or go home moment. And at that thought I let lose of all my pee. When I was done I look at the puddle and it was huge but not too huge where I could not hide it.

That was on of the best carpet pees I've ever done. I wish I could pee freely without having to worry about being caught. I might be getting a chance to pee where ever I want in the house sometime in the future. My parent are going camping sometime in the future and will be going for a week or two and all I need is for my sister to leave and go to her friends house. If it does happen I'm going to pee on my carpet in my bedroom and post the story on here for you guys to read.
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3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Great story, really well written

Should video it next time and upload it and give us the link! So exciting.

We just waiting for the next carpet pee story