Me And Jane

ok so after that sleep over me and Jane became really fascinated with pee. so one day when my parents where not going to be home for some time I had jane spend the night again. This time though it was going to a peeover, not a sleepover :). so start our "peeover" we watched TV and drank lots of water. after an hour went by we both really needed to pee. me and Jane both agreed to pee in the corner of my room. before we did this we got completely naked. before I was about to go first Jane said "hey, why dont I stand infront of you and you can pee on my toes". I said sure so my pee went all over Jane's feet and soaked the carpet. Jane liked the feeling and said it was nice and warm. It was now Jane's turn. I wanted to try it to so Jane proceeded to pee all over my feet. It felt so nice and warm! then suddenly jane lifted her pee hole up and sprayed her remaining pee all over my stuff. I laughed and so did she. we did this many times that night and we also decided to try to drink each other's pee and since all we were drinking was water, the pee didn't taste half bad :).
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10 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I love my gf doing that over me. Don't hold back, just let it flow! ;-P

Beautiful experience!!

So this is basically just fantasy **** erotica?

no it actually happened

Wonderful! ;-P

Did you lick each other dry or should i say wet?

damn would love to play with you guys

The fun of experiencing each others hot pee splashing over you is awesome and yes to **** deliberately on each other and taste it as well YUMMY !!!

nothing like peeing on your friend to get a good night going!! love it

sounds lots of fun x

How much did you swallow?

not entirely sure. she just stood over me and peed ;)

I've kinda wanted to try that :)