Carpet Wetting

So when I was younger and just figuring out I had a pee fetish I used to put on panties and lay on my floor and pee through them. I would wait until my parents went to sleep and sneak quietly out of bed and put on panties, sometimes more than one pair at a time for better absorption, and lay on my floor. I would lay face first cause it felt so good on my penis and just pee until my bladder was empty. I could hide the mess on the carpet cause my dog peed on it all the time. After I got done peeing I would crawl back into bed still wearing the wet panties and **********, I would then lay there in those wet panties for hours cause it felt so good. I hope you liked my story I have never told anyone this before!
missbehavin1 missbehavin1
26-30, M
Dec 3, 2012