does anyone know where you can see videos of people doing this fetish?
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One more... peeteevee.com


They are fairly common - next time I come across one I'll try and remember to give you the link.

Do you want to see men or women doing it, or don't you care?

A mixed bag here: http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/home?text=carpet&niche=22

try wetpantboy.com, they have both men and women they do it all in their panties/pats, naked, ad just about everywhere.
please add me

try "thepisstube.com" they have good quality pee vids and all are free. Lots of different categories such as goldenshower, pee drinking, etc. Have fun!

glad to help out a pee friend, enjoy....and just be sure to tell us all about it!

Google "MissPiss" and you will encounter a woman who loves to pee in naughty places, including all over the carpet. It is a pay per clip site, but the prices are very low and you need only buy the clips you are interested in. Check it out. One clip is entirely devoted to her ******* all over carpets, others show her peeing all around hotel rooms, eg on the bed, on bathroom mirrors, in drawers, on curtains, etc.

look up tamtamsouth. there are some clips on peeteevee, xtube and other places. she pees in hotel rooms, changing room floors etc. another is philsangelshornydevils on clips4sale. also check out https://sites.google.com/site/littlepinkkat/change-the-banner http://www.youporn.com/uservids/littlepinkkat/ and i think she does requests. i just realised, do you want girls or guys doing this??

Also try google "easyshag stories" they have a lot of stories, pictures and some videos

Try xtube.com


There are a few on xtube


found a lot of good ones thanks! :D


Not that one, i go there and i see the same videos, so i stopped going.