With A Sibling :d

although I share this experience with a limited amount of people I also share it with my brother. His name is stephen and is a year younger then me. anyway it all started when I was in the mood to pee on the carpet in my bedroom. from the waist down, I ******** and found a place to pee. once I did find a place stephen came in my room when I was midway stream. he was shocked to say the least. "what are you doing" ??? he screamed, "I will tell mother" he said. I replayed with an offer : you can pee on the carpet with me if you don't tell mom, promise. Like Jane, Stephen was skeptical at first but then announced that he really had to pee and said sure. with that, stephen got his penis out and peed for 0:40 seconds along side me (we were both standing up :D). we made a big puddle together and in the end stephen really enjoyed the freedom of peeing on the carpet. he then gave me a big hug and left (I had to clean it all up XD). from time to time I will go past stephens room to see him peeing on his carpet and his wall. I will get him to stop his stream so me and him can bond together!

as a side note: I am not into having a sexual relationship with my brother and we just to it for the feeling of freedom!
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One heck of a bonding process ! But nice that you could just share the fun .

Yes, Peefairy, although my sister and I never touched each other sexually, I did hugely enjoy watching her **** all over the place, and yes it was a turn on. We just kind of convinced ourselves that because there was no touching or physical sexual activity, but only looking at each other peeing, then it was OK. And I still to this day regard what we did merely as harmless fun, and no one else ever got hurt by it, so I guess it was.

I used to let my sister pee on my bedroom carpet and would often join her. But apart from warching each other pee where we shouldn't, there was nothing sexual between us either.