Peeing In The Bushes

This occurred probably when I was 11 years old. I was at a good friends house. She was the type of friend that you tell everything to. We were very bored. It was super hot out, so we filled up her old kiddie pool. As it was filing up, we went inside to change into our bathing suits. I had to pee, but it wasn't urgent so I ignored the urge. We slipped on bikinis and went outside. As we got in the baby pool, my urge to pee increased. Knowing my friend, she would know if I had peed in the pool, and would be grossed out. ( We sort of shared a pee fetish but she didn't agree with peeing in a pool ). So I held it longer as we played with the hose. As I became more desperate, I told her I needed to go inside to pee. She stopped me, and told me we couldn't go inside while wet. This was really an issue, because I couldn't wait much longer. Plus, we forgot towels, and were wearing bathing suites that don't dry fast. I grabbed my crotch and bounced around a bit. She admitted that she had to pee to, but neither of us really wanted pee running down our legs even if we liked pee desperation. She pitched the idea of peeing in the bushes, so I agreed fast! I needed to pee soon. We crouched down in the bushes, and she pulled the crotch of her suit aside, revealing her hairy privates. Soon, a stream of pee was gushing from her privates. I held my crotch again at the sight. Once she was finished, I did the same, but I couldn't force any pee out. I could feel the pee in my bladder pushing to be let out, but I had a hard time peeing anywhere but the toilet at the time and I front of people. I told her I couldn't and I got back up. She told me to try again, so I squatted once more. This time, a few drops came out, but I couldn't get the pee to come out. I just decided to go back to the pool with her. In the pool, I got the urge again. I got out and told her I was trying again but this time she didn't come. I squatted behind the bush and forced out some pee for a few seconds. I still couldn't release it all. So, on the walk back, the pain was to intense I just decided to let some go while I was walking. The pee ran down my already wet legs. I stopped peeing when I got close so my friend wouldn't notice. I still had an urge to pee. I just ended up emptying the rest in the pool since I had to go so badly. Finally, we went on with our pool fun!

I hope you enjoyed my outdoor peeing adventure!
SecretHolder91351 SecretHolder91351
22-25, F
Dec 12, 2012