Peeing In The Woods

I'm back again with another outdoor peeing story! This took place when I was 12.

I was at my friends grandma's house. We were in the pool swimming. We decided to go take a walk in the woods. I was with my friend and her younger sister. ( We all very close ). I told them I really had to pee, so my friend just said to pee in the woods. Then, at that moment, she spread her legs and pulled the crotch of her one piece swim suit to the side. A big rush of pee waterfalled from her hairy privates and onto the grass. When she was done, her sister tried. She pulled her swim shorts all the way down, and clenched her legs. Pee gushed all down her legs and onto her feet. Then it was my turn. I squatted and pulled my bathing suit bottom to the side. I pushed, but only a dribble came out. Then, the sisters turned to walk back to the pool, and squatted and tried again. I peed forcefully for a few seconds, but then I couldn't go anymore even though my bladder was still full. Then, I began my walk back to the pool. I stopped at a bush to try again, but I had even worse luck here. I ended up back at the pool. I sat on the edge of the pool and squirmed. I really had to go. One gush at a time, I released my pee. It just went onto the edge where I was sitting and dripped into the pool. Once I had finally emptied my bladder, I went back to swimming.

Thanks for reading, enjoy!
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

wow, love this well written story. xx

I enjoyed both stories that you posted here. I also like to pee outside or anywhere for that matter. Please add me to your Circle so we can chat as friends.