Here Is a Strange Reason to Pee Outside

If you pee around the perimeter of your yard, it keeps coons, coyotes, dogs, and other animals out of it.  You have to be male and un-neutered....  lol I am serious, I have read this several times.....

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also if you want your dog ( if you have one) pee the perimeter of your property. or so i have heard. As for the un-neutered male lol, It would help if it is male, but the dominant owner of the aminal should work too, dogs especially work on dominance and smello'vision Their version of a 'No trespassing sign"

I don't know about that. I suspect it's the male sex hormones, like how dogs mark things. I'd be surprised if it were dependent on a carnivorous diet, but that's just a guess.<br />
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The tigers ate mostly beef...he had a deal with the local dairy, and they would call him to pick up the still-born calves.<br />
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By the way, an amazing sight...a tiger, on catnip!

so maybe the humans that it is not working for eat veggies???

Well, I had friend who had two tigers. He said that local gardeners would come haul away the tiger scat for free, as it kept the dear out of their gardens.

Wonder if its also a carnivore thing? lol

Gotta love EP for gardening tips!

We have a 4.5 acre yard, about three of those acres are in trees. I have been doing this about all over our yard. Still have all the critters, oh, wait, it only works for the males? I guess that is my problem then.

Oh stevester, they are not supposed to do it in front of

This is somewhat worrying, one that someone has done it but that so many of u understand, might explain my neighbour's poor reaction to me calling the police.

I peed outside in a friend's yard once. I was way way too drunk to make it inside to the bathroom, so I pulled my panties out of the way and just went. <br />
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But she probably got coons and foxes and stuff anyway, cuz I may not have been "fixed" but I am most assuredly NOT male!

I did not get neutered! As a male, a vasectomy would be a neutering!

how the **** did you get neutered

I have peed outside around the yard and it has kept out nothing. I am a non-neutered male.