Ballpark Pee

I have always loved to pee outside both as a kid and even moreso as an adult. It always feels great to pee outside but sometimes it feels really good and is very arousing! One of those times was a couple of years ago or so and I had been holding my pee for some time and had been out for a drive. I stopped at a sports park fairly near my neighborhood, parked the car and got out to walk for a bit, sure to take my bottle of water with me. I noticed the park was pretty empty except for a couple of guys over in the far field tossing a football back and forth. I wondered around until my urge to pee was fairly urgent and I could feel myself dribbling into my panties now and then as I walked. I went over and sat on the bleachers by the baseball diamond to finish off my water and just to hold off for awhile longer. I loved feeling a full bladder!

Eventually even just sitting was getting hard because I needed to pee desperately. It was a hot day outside with just a slight breeze and I looked around, deciding on where I wanted to pee. I was feeling naughty and was already horny from holding for so long so in my mind I was being quite daring! The guys were still tossing the football back and forth but they were far enough away they likely wouldn't even notice and there didn't seem to be anyone else around so really there was no harm in peeing just about anywhere.

I hopped down from the bleachers and made my way onto the baseball diamond. Walking around the bases the crushed shale rock that covered the entire base line, crunched under my feet. Finally, I was about half way between second base and first base and my bladder just gave another squeeze letting me know that soon I wouldn't have a choice and I'd end up wetting myself. Not that that would be bad or anything either, I mused to myself, I do enjoy wetting myself too! But today, I just wanted to pee outside in the open air and that was exactly what I was going to do!

I stopped, gave another look around to make sure there was no one around that I would offend, moved my hands to the button on my shorts and undid them. Another look around confirmed that no one was close by and in one swift motion, I dropped my shorts and my panties together and squatted down, right there on the first base line. I took a deep breath, let it go and relaxed and waited. After a few seconds it started.....I was peeing and again I sighed a long sigh of relief! Oh how good it feels to finally let go after holding a full bladder for so long! Suddenly, the little trickle of pee turned to a fast hard stream and I could hear it rushing from my ***** and spraying out in between my legs and onto the dry grey rock under me and in front of me. It felt amazing.....I could feel the hot sun on my bare white ***, the light breeze blowing over cooling my hot skin and finally peeing...I was in ecstasy! I watched as the light grey rock turned dark and a dirty yellow puddle formed at my feet. My pee sprayed out in front of me quite a ways and I could hear it hissing as it escaped and then splashed as it landed.

Finally, I could feel it start to slow and return to the dribble it started out as. I sat for a moment longer, allowing myself to drip dry a little before standing up and replacing my panties and shorts. As I pulled my panties up, I could feel a drip or two soaked into my panties. I pulled my shorts up and stepped back from my pee puddle. What a huge puddle I left behind...I couldn't believe it! I turned to go back to my car and there's some guy sitting up on the bleachers, right about where I had been sitting, I couldn't believe it! Where did he come from? Had he seen me peeing on first base? We looked at each other for a moment then he nodded, hopped off the bleachers and walked away. Somehow I knew he had watched the entire show but it didn't bother felt amazing to **** on first base and discovering I had an audience only made it that much better!
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I know what you mean about the small thrill of peeing outside. I have gone for long walks on the nature trails at the local park and when I have to pee, I look around to make sure no one is around ( for guys it is defferent, if we get caught peeing in public we are pervs exposing ourselves, if a female does it they stop watch and take pictures and love But when the coast is clear I pull it out and it always is soft, then as I begin to pee my **** always gets hard and when I am done it is rock hard....nice turn on, must be the sun shinning on my private part that does it.

Very nice and so nice you are able to do enjoy it when you can! I have the same problem and while it's not as noticeable as it would be with you, by the time I am done peeing, I'm quite aroused! Not sure exactly what it is...peeing outside, just peeing or what.....whatever it is, I like it!

well done!

hehe well thank you! :)

I'd watch you pee any time. A surprise onlooker is always a plus too.

That's part of the of excitment of peeing outside is there is always apossibility of someone seeing you, watching you. And if they get as much enjoyment out of it as I do then that's just all bonus!

Wow! imagine the your preparation for this as you sit on the bleachers knowing what you want to do. You want these boys to see yet in your own secret way. How arousing. Thanks

Have the football tossing guys see me was a thought of mine at the time but when I turned and saw I did indeed have an audience, it wasn't them at all...I have no idea where this guy came from, which kind of added to it! Glad you enjoyed it ellenooo