One Of My First Experiences

One of, if not my first time wetting my pants was while my parents werent home and I was outside playing hide and seek in the dark with my friends. As I have heard many others say, when you get excited playing hide and seek, its easy to get nervous about being found and dribble a bit. Well I had known several people growing up who had a wetting phase or were childhood wetters. I had always had a budding curiosity about this and had admitted to others about my dribbling playing hide and seek. While laying hidden I had indeed dribbled a fair amount as I had been hiding a long time in a well concealed spot. It wasnt enough to show on my dark pants but enough to thoroughly wet the crotch of my underwear. I was finally flushed from my hiding spot but my escape was not seen. I still had the thoughts of my friends' wettingings in my mind and I certainly didnt want to go inside and my parents were out, so I carefully slinked behind a stone wall near the street in my neighbors yard. I squatted behind it and slowly started to pee in my already wet underwear. It soaked them with fresh pee and pooled under me and dripped out of my pants. When I finished I ran back to my house and inside. I changed, hid the evidence in my room and found my friends saying I had needed to pee and gone inside for a minute. No one ever found out.
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Nice story.....did you ever do it again?