Desperately Desperate

A few years ago, I was visiting my parents who live 2 hours away. After a bite of lunch my dad wanted me to get going because he didn't like the idea of my driving on the highway alone and definitely didn't want me driving after dark. So lunch done, I got my stuff gathered and headed to the door. As always, mom asked me if I needed to use the bathroom before I left and I said "Mother, I'm a big girl now and smart enough to know to use the bathroom before I leave." With a hug and kiss to them both, off I went, gassed the car up, grabbed a drink and headed for the highway. Right about that time, my bladder reminded me that perhaps I should have taken my mom's advice and pee'd before I left. I chuckled at that and sped up heading out of town.

Within half an hour I finished the bottled drink I had bought at the gas station and was starting to squirm in my seat, wishing now more than ever that at the very least, I used the bathroom at the gas station before leaving town. Oh well, I thought to myself, it was only another hour and a half until I was home, I could make it.

Another half hour or so later, still driving along and still needing to pee though now a little more desperately than earlier, my bladder was not letting me forget that it was full and in need of emptying. The pressure in my abdomen was great and just running my hand over it, I could feel how swollen it already was. Every once in awhile, it reminded me (in case I had forgotten) that it was becoming a dire situation as my bladder would constrict leaving me bouncing my leg in order to gain control and make it through yet another wave of urgency.

I had just reached what I always called "home stretch", the last 45 minutes of my journey home. By now, I was squirming almost constantly in my seat and when I wasn't, a well placed hand in my crotch helped me remain calm. But things were becoming extremely desperate and I reprimanded myself for drinking that bottle of pop on my way out of town. Peeing consumed my thoughts as I squirmed and bounced, jammed my hand between my legs and fought to keep my eyes clear from the tears that kept threatening because I had to pee so badly!

Twenty minutes outside of the city I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't sit still and the thought of peeing was all I could think about now. I remembered a park off the highway about 5 minutes from the turnoff and without thinking about it, I signalled and made a quick turn off the highway. Squeezing the steering wheel and bouncing in my seat, I sped as quickly as I dared on a gravel road towards the park, feeling the crotch of my panties slowly becoming wet as I leaked and dribbled bits uncontrollably. If I wasn't so worried about ruining the car seat I would have just let go at that point and wet myself. Finally, I turned into the park and pulled up close to the outhouse they provided but when I jumped out of the car I noticed the sign on it stating it was closed for the season. WTF??? "Unbelievable" I said to myself and ran around to the back of it as I felt myself starting to loose it.

Button and zipper to my jeans down, I pulled both my panties and jeans down at once and squatted quickly and even managed to get my jeans out of the way as I started to pee immediately. I sighed a huge sigh of relief and watched pee rushing out between my legs, hissing and splashing on the ground. I could feel my bladder emptying as it drained out of me and onto the ground. Watching the amount of pee spraying out of me, I wondered how a pee hole so small could drain and bladder full so quickly and again I kind of chuckled to myself at that thought. It seemed to take forever to finish before the last drops of pee dribbled out of me. Another deep sigh of relief as I squatted there allowing myself to drip dry for just a moment and talking to myself, "Oh boy that felt so good....ahhhh." With that, I stood up, stepped away from the huge puddle on the ground that was slowly soaking into the ground and turned as pulled my panties and jeans up together and I stopped dead. There sitting on the picnic table only about 20 feet or so away, straight back behind me, was what looked to be a biker couple, both looking right back at me. We looked at each other for a moment until he finally said, "Who woulda thought they woulda closed up the toilets." I chuckled back at that, more shocked than embarrassed to have found an audience there and went back to my car. I started the car up, backed up and waved to my audience as I drove away, laughing to myself in the car and enjoyed the much more relaxed drive the rest of the way home!
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I definitely have to commence to ride the bike more often ahaha

Could be well worth it, ya just never know! ;)

I do ride the bycicle though... just somotimes as sport... and I have to admit that sometimes, while I was coming home, tired and sweaty... I did let the pee to come out in my cycle suit... just for fun... ahah not too much... but a bit :)

magnificent, I would have liked being there in the car with you! absolutely the most exciting thighs to see, is a girl who hold her pee while she's driving!

I have to agree with you napoleonebonaparte, love seeing anyone desperate like that! Glad you enjoyed!

That's funny.........Reminds me of the time I had a loaner car from the Acura dealer, as mine was in for maintenience........I was coming back from the country club, stuck in the middle of gridlock downtown Nashville traffic on the interstate....Sitting in a brand new $50k Acura......Trying to nonchalantly pee into a drink cup......Whew.....Man, I'm glad I'm a man!

ooooh, I'm so jealous! haha To be able to sit in your vehicle and pee into a cup or bottle would be amazing! Okay, so maybe I could manage a cup but then what do you do with that? A bottle you can close the lid and all is well. I'm so jealous of men and their penises!

Great story. You can't fight the urge to pee. I love watching a lady pee outdoors. Especially when they are so full.

You can only fight it so long and then there is no choice! I've said it before....peeing outside is a wonderful feeling but the more desperate you are, the more wonderful it feels! And of course, finding you have had an audience always adds to it!

Exactly right. I had a gf that would hold it and hold it. Then she would pee for me. I loved watching her pee.

Very nice indeed!

Just love that story and identify with it so much!
Thanks for sharing it.
I love to be with females drinking loads then regretting it cause there's no where to pee when they start to get desperate, like our local beer festival. Why do ladies hold on till the last desperate moment while chatting to their friends/boyfriends, only to get to the ladies and find an impossible queue?? I love to watch the antics of ladies about to loose it while waiting in the interminable queue!

Desperation, I love it! And I agree. Glad you enjoyed this story so much and can identify with's not the first time something like that has happened and I'm sure it will not be the last!

When ya gotta go ya gotta go.

So true and you can only put it off so long! LOL

You cannot deny Mother Nature

Not for long anyways...she will always win out, one way or another!