Me and my friend had a Don't Wet Your Pants Contest and this was the deal. We would both drink lots of water and see who could go the longest without wetting themselves And I did this with my friend Hailie She said I should do it because we both have a history of wetting ourself. (She has a longer one) and we started our contest we drank lots of water and we went into 1 hour. At this point we where doing the pee dance and Hailie had a small wet spot on her jeans. We went to about 1 and a half hours intill She started soaking her pants. She told me I couldn't stop intill I wet myself too so I did, While Hailie was changing her pants I was listening to the outside rain (forgot to talk about the rain) And I was jumping up and down. Hailie decided to be a jerk and take cups of water and poor it in the sink. I would not have cracked for a good 4 hours but Hailie left the room and when I wasn't paying attention she jump scared me and I started to pee my pants. I got mad at her and she started laughing (guess what? U guess it!) When she laughed she left a big wet spot on the front of her jeans and I yelled out 2 to 1 folks 2 to 1!!!
Wetjeans12345 Wetjeans12345
26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014