First Time In A While

i have been into wetting for like 20 plus years, and i never feel i get the chance to do it as often as i want, for various reasons.

Well lately there has been stress at home and we finally git rid of the main cause, which means i could now go out and walk by one of the windows and noone would be there to see me to wonder what i was doing.

Well i too the chance and walked around beside our house kind of out of sight, it was pretty shaded but i was still visible, and there is took my time, i lifted my skirt and squatted down, and i let myself go, and as i felt the warmth spread i felt so good. Then after i finished wetting i finished my cigarette.............

*grins through the screen at you* I can tell what it is you are thinking i did next, and i shall simply say maybe...
Psykira Psykira
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

it has alwasy been a way to get awaay from strss for awahile like going back to being a child when you should have been safe

Wetting does help relieve the stress. I find myself wetting more when stressed, but not enjoying it as much. As for what we do next, yeah, that is good too.