Fun At The Beach

Today, I went topless on a public beach for the first time. I've done it before back home, on a private secluded beach.
Here, where I'm on vacation, I wasn't at a nude beach but there were some girls going topless so I thought what the heck, might as well jump on the bandwagon. And it was pretty liberating.

Now, it is extremely hot here so I've been drinking a lot of water. There isn't anywhere to go to the bathroom at the beach, besides at the restaurants that are a bit of a trek away from the water. I know that tons of people pee in oceans and lakes like it's nobody's business, but that's too easy.

I decided that any time I had to pee I would sit on the shore to do it. I sat where the sand is damp and the waves were washing up over me. But I didn't want to pee when the water was hiding it (like I said, too easy to get away with.) So, every time the waves rolled out, I let out a spurt. I peed like that all day. Sometimes it would take quite a while to empty my whole bladder. I even made a game of it, for instance holding it until someone walked right in front of me and releasing as they passed so they might end up walking through my pee.

Remember, I was sitting there topless, so this was a pretty erotic experience for me. I wanted so badly to **********. I need to find a man who will go to the beach with me in the middle of the night for a skinny dip and some pee play. And a good **** in the sand. 

I'm also trying to work up the courage to wade out into the water (only about knee to mid-thigh deep) and slowly pee down my legs. Maybe at the beach tomorrow...
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5 Responses Aug 14, 2010

That's hot, timetraveler. I'm not brave enough to pee my pants in public yet. The beach was a different story, because my swimsuit was wet anyway.

Veronica I live in Florida and I love peeing at the beach and it feels a lot better when people are walking by. As it gets darker on a warm night I walk down the beach and when someone walks by I will pee a little in my shorts. After while I can't hold it any more and I will stand in front of a open bar and while I watch people danceing and drinking I will just let the rest go and pee in my pants.

Night? Nude? Pee play? I'm game!<br />
<br />
If only I lived...wherever you are!

Night? Nude? Pee play? I'm game!<br />
<br />
If only I lived...wherever you are!

Its great to see women topless in the sunshine, its different at the beach but still can be very erotic and with you teasing yourself all day i can see erect nipples too..... and glistening pants.... damn i wish i'd saw this last week & id've been on a plane that day<br />
Are you still away or r u back home now? did you get to skinny dip with a midnight man?<br />
And are there any more interesting moments from your holiday???<br />