Sexy Peeing

one night i was out with my boyfriend and we went to a boyfriend got drunk,and i was feeling good(not drunk just feeling good) but i forgot to go to the bathroom before the 45 min. taxi ride home.i was fine for about 10 min.Then i started squirming and holding myself. my boyfriend took this completely the wrong way( i was going to his house for the night and he must of thought i was desprate for sex). "aww baby" he coooed"you'll have to wait just a little longer"."no josh" i told him, "ive really gotta pee!". "awww sweetie" he tried again,"its ok you dont have to hide it".

about 20 min. later i decided to just let a little out,to make it a little easier to hold it. but right around then  he started inching his fingers up my leg. a little later he got to my crotch and started to massage it. "awww"he crooned "you're wet for me!". "no josh" i treid again," i really have to pee!" i took his hand and put it back on his leg.

those last 15 min. were torture, i kept having to pull his hand away from my crotch and every bump was painful. when we finally got to his house i sprinted for the bathroom but he cought me and carried me to bed. he then started to give me wicked good ******* and when he made me come, i started to leak, and leak, until it was a steady flow.i rolled away, squeazing myself and cursing. i finally got it under control.he had been watching me the whole time and getting rock hard. he then proceeded single mindedly to undress him and me (no matter how hard i fought to get to the bathroom)and i have to admit he looked pretty d*** hot. he then proceeded to try to insert.

he was almost in me when i dont know what happened, i just lost it. all my pee came rushing out all over his penis. i tried to ffun but he just held me closer. i could tell it was turning him on, but it just seemed to go on and on forever. finally i just relaxed and enjoyed it and i acctually started felling preety horny. (or maybe it was just the alchohol sinking in. eventually i stoped, but i m ust have peed for like, 5 min.he then inserted his d*** and we had the best d*** sex ever.


the end

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I would love it if you were on top of me.<br />
<br />
Rustyzipper is right, "WET SEX IS BEST".

Wet sex is best, but you've got to protect your mattress. I like my water bed for that reason...the mattress is already waterproof!