Why Are My Humans Going to Germmannee??

While my humans were packing for Germmannee, I watched in anticipation of the happenings. Where were they going and was I going too??  I'm getting a little worried here.

As they packed the car with suitcases, I watched from the window with sad eyes.  Not even my tail was wagging. 

Then the human who I grew up came by and put me in her car.  Well, I stayed at the Gasthof Casey in Keizer. Two big humans, 3 little humans and two catzs live there.

While at the Gasthof Casey, I got a spa treatment: An all over body massage with soap and warm water, my nails were clipped and I got a shot of something they called rabbie shot.

WOW....They fed me bacon and they bought me a bag of snackie treats from Petco! They even got me a toy to play with.

The Casey humans let me be naughty, too. I got to sleep in their beds and lounge on the couch!

I had my own fenced in backyard to do my potty business.

I got along ok with one catzs, but the other one hid from me the entire time!!

They put my doggie bed by the big electric fireplace, where I could lounge and look out the big sliding glass door at the grass and the birds.

Who cares if my humans are going to Germmannee....I had a super time at the Gasthof Casey!!  Take me back there anytime!!


PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

It seems that Peedeedog was the perfect guest at my daughter's home, while we were gone.<br />
<br />
He's already got an invite for a weekend sleep over!!!

Hahaha! Yes, PeedeeDog has his pets well trained!

Peedee, you lucky dog, you! Your pets must adore you to put you up in a fancy shmantsy place like that!