I have two story's and they are both connected. The first one is the time when I was home alone thinking of something fun to do , then I remembered my little brother was in diapers and we had diapers in the closet. I grabbed a diaper and slipped on as an underwear. I didn't want to pee in it, I just wanted to try it on. I put it on and it was oddly comfy so I decided to keep it on. Then I made a dare for myself to wait until I needed to pee then pee in it. I waited for fifteen minutes when my friend called and invited me over, I kept the diaper on but put pants over it and went to her house. It wasn't long till I needed to pee. I locked myself in the bathroom and squatted down and peed. I liked the way it felt so I kept it on the rest of the day and I could just pee whenever I needed to without stopping what i was doing. I began to wear one every day to school and became addicted, I still can't stop wearing it i even bought a adult package of them!The next story is about when my friend slept over, we were playing truth or dare and she picked dare so I told her to wear a diaper. She hesitated at first but then agreed to do it if I did. I already had one on but I pretended to put on on anyways. My diaper was very full already, but i didn't care, I loved the way it felt. So we wear both wearing diapers under our pants the whole night. When I needed to pee very very bad during our game of monopoly I pulled it of to prove I was peeing. As I started to pee I realized that it was leaking! But I couldn't stop peeing! My friend started laughing so hard her diaper got full! In the end me and my friend quickly cleaned up the mess, and today she still calls me diaper lady!
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36-40, F
May 13, 2013