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A Teacher Who Pees Pants At School

I'm a second grade teacher, and I enjoy peeing my coincidentally, I pee my pants at school.

I started peeing and pooping in my pants as a child with two friends who also did it. As I grew up, the friends moved away, but I continued to go in my pants.

When I started teaching, I was told by the first grade teacher that one of my students who she had taught the previous year, frequently wet her pants on purpose, and occasionally pooped in them. This student (who I'll call Amanda) never minded having wet pants, and when she pooped in them, she simply asked to go to the restroom, and changed her pants. Amanda's mother had a conference with me before the school year started and she told me that Amanda had this "pants issue." She said that they didn't mind that she did it. The mother also told me that Amanda would occasionally wear a Pull-Up or some other sort of protective training pants like UnderJams or GoodNites. Amanda also brought clean underpants to school so that she could change if she wanted to.

As the school year progressed, I realized that Amanda peed in her pants an average of 4 times a week. She sometimes used the toilet. She pooped her pants an average of once a week. There were days when she wet her pants multiple times, and days when she'd stay completely clean and dry.

When I see that Amanda hasa wet her pants I let out a few squirts in my pants.  Sometimes when she poops her pants I really want to push some poop into my own undies, but I know that I can't do that at school so I wait until I'm home, and then I go!
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I just read a couple of your stories, and I now intend to read them all. I am a retired junior high school science and computer teacher. I have both peed once and pooped once in my classroom. Both incidents were purely accidental and occurred when the students were not present. The peeing incident occurred after school when most of the students were out of the building. I had to pee very badly, but I was trying to wait until I finished setting up a lab for the next day, so I could go to the restroom on my way to the car. Needless to say, I didn't get the lab set up before I managed to wet my pants. Luckily, the door going out to my car was just down the hall from my classroom, and I made it to my car without being seen. The pooping incident occurred while I was eating lunch in my room. I had a mild case of diarrhea, and the students were not due to begin class for another 45 minutes. I asked the teacher next to my classroom to cover for me if I was late from going home to change clothes. <br />
<br />
Since childhood, I have been into bodily functions (defecation, urination, menstruation, and sex, aka ************), but I had always kept my activities hidden from my parents, and later, my wife.