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How To Differentiate Between Real Accidents And Planned Ones

Occasionally,one may find a picture of a certain model[x] opening her legs widely while standing ,raising her skirt and showing her panties while peeing through them.Under the photo ,a title is presented as that:[[x] had an accident in her panties].In fact,this has nothing to do with accidents,it is a mere professionally planned wetting.In my opinion,a wetting can only be termed an accident if it fulfils the following:
1.It happens without the desire of the girl who wets,she may try in despair and in vein to prevent it with all her will and power,but finally fail and give in
2.Because of the aformentioned fact,a girl in such a situation does not open her legs while peeing but either keeps her legs tightly closed together or keep them crossed.This behaviour is a mere reflex action,she hopes to minimize the extent of her wetting and the size of the puddle as much as possible
3.As a result,girls who suffer a real accident usually have their legs and shoes and maybe the front of their skirts completely drenched..If sitting,the back of their skirt would be drippling wet,so will be the inside part of their thighs,knees and heels due to her keeping her legs tight together while wetting herself sitting
4.A girl may open her legs apart or raise her skirt or examine her wet panties,but all these acts happen only after some time elapsing.This is when the initial shock of wetting herself as an adult have somewhat subdued
5.Am i right or wrong in all what i said?Most photos and clips featuring what they call [real accidents] cannot be convincing,thes are well done professionally staged planned accidents. Any planned wetting must apear real to acheive its goal,real wettings of natural causes must happen without the will of the wetter,she tries to minimize the extent of wetting by keeping her legs tight or crossing them.As a result of keeping legs tight,they become drenched with pee when wetting occurs.What I was criticizing was the appearance of models peeing their panties while keeping their legs widely apart.This does not happen at all in nature[ except if the model was very keen not to get pee on her legs and by doing so,she proves she is not into wetting and so has minimum effect on us who enjoy peeing ourselves down our legs
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i just like your pics it is nice the hear what really goes on and your vid is hoy

I have planned releases in public and enjoy how I feel after the pee has run down my legs. It is the best feeling. I get a thrill at doing so in public and can be a precusor to a nice ****** later.

I think you're exactly right. I don't much enjoy the staged professional wetting pictures, although the models are very attactive. When they appear to enjoy what they're doing, it's better. Best are the photos and videos of those who do it for the pleasure and not the money. Sort of like art, isn't it?

My husband has an extensive collection of wetting photos and videos. For the most part, the posed, simulated wettings are horrible. But then, true accidents are mostly impossible to catch on film, and then the angle would be wrong, or the lighting, or you just can't see anything.
There are some very good re-creations of accidents, where circumstance has been improved, lighting and such so you can see what is happening. we've also seen sime excellent self shot deliberate wettings that are very enjoyable to watch.

I've been wetting on purpose for so many years, I am not able to say how I would act if having an accident. Having to pee, and intentionally doing something else that would make it impossible to get to a toilet, therefore forcing the situation into an accident, well, that is a wetting, but not an accident.
When I was younger, say back in junior and high school, I saw several girls having accidents. True accidents. Each time I would find myself so excited that as soon as possible, meaning a bit of privacy, somewhere I could pee in secret, I would re-enact the accident. Short of wetting my dress, I tried very hard not to do that at school, I would assume the same position and pee myself as I had seen done. Those would not be considered accidents either.
Later in life I again was wetting so often I really wouldn't know how to act properly when having an accident. I was so used to being able to just pee while walking, or standing just off the sidewalk, on the grass, or flipping my skirt out when sitting at the park, I loved to lay back sunning myself and pee my panties, they get so wet and way up the back too.
So, other than doing something to protect my skirt, or control the flow, my accident would be near undetectable. must be soaked, dripping, and sticky with pee....mmmmmmm.