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A Peek Up My Skirt

I wear an open bottomed, high waisted, side zippered girdle with silk stockings everyday. I never wear panties and I don't even own a bra. I don't have a problem to sit with my legs slightly open, especially if there is someone present to admire and appreciate the view. As corporate attire, I wear a skirt suit and I sometimes deliberately lean forward to allow a proper view of my 100DD (centimetres) boobs, which I am very proud of. A few months ago I had all unnecessary hair removed permanently by laser in a beauty salon and my p*ssy is as smooth as a light bulb.
A new secretary, 32 years old with big boobs, started in my office six weeks ago. I have noticed that she likes to peek down my business suit and I have seen her smile a few times after my nipple was on display. Last Friday she came into my office and asked me about the dresscode in the office. I told her there is no dresscode and she may wear whatever she likes. When she entered my office on Monday, I immediately noticed that she was not wearing a bra and since I am not wearing a bra myself, I did not say anything.
Around 10 o'clock she brought in a tray with tea and made sure she leaned forward whilst pouring the two cups of tea. I sat in my chair and she went to sit on the sofa in my office while we were having our tea. I deliberately sat with my legs slightly open, allowing her an uninterrupted view up my skirt, with my stocking tops, garters and smooth p*ssy in full view, while I was waiting for her reaction or comment(s). She did not say anything; just smiled and opened her legs, allowing me a full view up her skirt. She was wearing a suspender belt and stockings, but no panties and her clean shaven p*ssy was on display.
I started to applaude her and she said that she noticed I was not wearing any underwear except my girdle and stockings. She also mentioned that she likes to go pantiless and braless and when I told her that she could wear whatever she likes, she was in 7th heaven and took advantage of the opportunity. Since last Monday, it has now become a "rule" that we will have tea in my office everyday and that we will not sit very ladylike whilst having our tea, allowing one another "a peek up the skirt".  .
 Secretary during Teatime.

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Hot Juicy I'm juicy too )!(

Jezzzzz what a great story ... I loved it . I'm still looking for your terms and conditions so I can ask you add me .. Please can you tell me where to look I'm not an idiot but I might be getting distracted by your beauty and great storys .. I'm so into stockings and pantyhose on beautiful women as your self .

Great wow so nice .

wooow... Is there any IT vacancies with you... And I'd love to d rink tea with you.

A lot more entertaining than my breaks!

Sounds 100% better than my tea break. Great story

I would like to have some tea with you!

I want to work in your office!

It would certainly be hard not to touch

my god honey I bet so yum yum wont like to try that

wow wow my an my my hum let me look you wont be sorry for sure

sound like a great boss,would love to work for you.


Your one hot Lady

wow I would like to look up your skrit an then stick my head up their an suck your hot **** an ***** for a wile till you floded my mouth with your ***** juice

an then let you pisss in my mouth also

Where do I apply for a job at in your office? Can I at least join you for tea? I'm only 6000 miles away. :-)

Thanks for the story and the pic.

Good for you

Love the story and pic wisk she wasn't wearing shoes. Would love a pic like that of you also without shoes and some with those great breast showing

Wow, what an amazing story, would love to be in your meetings! I love looking up skirts, whether I see panties or not. Having said that, have never seen up a skirt when the lady isn't wearing underwear...

Great story! Totally hot!!

YOu are amazing Miss...! be a fly on your office wall......add me please..?

I love your attitude, why hide a masterpiece? Society has become far up to tight! Show the Boobies proudly!


Does your company also employ males? What is their reaction to these stimulating views... that must be so fantastic... what about customers or suppliers... they must trully enjoy their visits...

Would love to see pics of you two together!!!

I love youre story as it is making my **** soovery hard.I also love looking up ladies dresses and skirts.Seeing ladies with big breasts wearing big white soft cup bras showing through their silky blouses has my **** very hard as I write this iam wearing only my sz5 pink plastic baby pants slowly wanking my hard **** leaking my precum into my pink plastic baby pants reading youre story and looking at youre photo has me filling my plastic pants with my white sticky ***,YOURE SOOVERY SEXY.Do you like wearing silky nylon slips under youre skirts and do you wear plastic raincoats as I love wearing them outside with only a bra and a slip underneath

Is there job opening your company? and can we be friends???

If her P*ssy is as smooth as your, then your will have a good time every tea time..

Mmmmm I wish the secretaries I encountered would given me a look up their skirts / dresses !!! Ah well thanks Gr8white!!

That is incredibley hot stuff. Delicious and naughty!


I would love to serve you both some tea!

Great story. I love to wear sexy lingerie myself. I would love to buy one of those girdles with lots of suspender straps. I think they are really sexy.

Must be a happy place to work.

Oh Gawd yes! A women in heels,blouse/skirt a + I luv her passing fem fragrance,taut calf muscles,ample,luscious thighs,butt cheeks,coiffed hair,long,slender fingers & red nails(luv to have a mature gal cradle & admire my swollen root with those cool,soft hands! OBG,garters & stockings a must..Pantyhose suks.

Oh to be that teapot sitting between the two of you. Mmmmm... sounds nice. Thank you for giving me that great mental image.

Sounds like a great way to have tea! And it must be a lot of fun to be able to enjoy this at work - we all need something to keep us stress-free!

Love your stories....please add me

Are those your legs in the profile pic?? Sure wish us "Yanks" across the pond had time for TEA at 3o'clock. Loved the story. Keep writing. Add me??

Luv it.....are there any openings ?

"openings"? Now there's a thought!

wish i was there

It does sound like an interesting tea party.

i wish i worked in your office

you tried to add me didnt work plz try again

plz add me nice outfit want to see more

I hope this does not offend, but that story brought such vivid images to mind that I am now typing with only one hand.

awesome story can u add me love to see your pics

Sorry, I can't reply to comments properly so this one should come after my previous comment. I wanted to add that open girdles and stockings are my favourite thing, and a woman who enjoys wearing them is guaranteed my undivided attention.

Women who enjoy who they are, and play to their strengths, are irresistible. A voluptuous woman sitting with her legs a little open is wonderful in itself, and shows that she doesn't buy all this guilt nonsense that women in our society are sold. Go for it and, being a typically voyeuristic male, do let us know if you can't resist the secretary.

Nice ty u two sound like two naughty ladies that can use a spanking n much more lol :)

Can't wait to have you sit in front of me. You would see a bulge in my pants

I don't mean to be rude but that scenario of admiration of each others anatomy is so beautiful and makes me so hard. I couldn't help but to start rubbing to this

What a massively erotic tea for two that is! Just hearing your story..warms the loins..

That creates a wonderful scene in my mind. Thank you for that.

Looking at your pic, it is no wonder why you are proud of your boobs.

You are a dream come true.

Very cool. A new friend made.

Now THAT got me thinking of how I dress to my office job,and have been thinking of not wearing panties to work any more too .It will make it easier to touch my coochie.

Mmm, nothing quite like touching oneself discreetly whilst at the office with no one else the wiser. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and I can but wish I was there to see what mischief you get up to. haha

Do you, like Gr8White, also forego wearing any bras or is that something you'd still keep in your attire?


can i come around for tea? i'll leave my knickers off as well!

applauds from me, too.. ^_^

This is so hot.

need any office help i would love to sit with you and sip tea

I would love to work with more women like you :)

Bravo, Ladies!!!

Wow! That must be a horny sight!

This reminds me of growing up and going to high school in NYC. In those days before panty hose, woman all wore garter belts and stockings. It was great fun to ride the subways and peek up all those skirts! Hot stuff for sure. Damm the man who invented pany hose.

Every time I drink tea now I will think of this story

Back in those wonderful days of the 1950's when girls wore nylons and gartered belts or open girdles under their very very full petticoated skirts we, boys, discovered that on windy days if the outside door to our high school stairways were opened the wind would blow up all three floors quite strongly. We all were, of course, very polite and allowed the girls to go up the stairs first. What wonderful high leg, nylon top, panty and even crotch views we had when the wind blew up their skirts! (Yep, even in the 1950's some girls didn't wear panties under their skirt!) Oh how I miss that innocent fun and, as I replied earlier, would love to catch a good long view of you, Gr8white!

i would love to work in your office as i would be peaking up your dress and down your top to when i could

Oh my Gr8white you have made images I can only imagine---until you unlock your key. Please I want to see your profile

it would be great to see both sipping your daily tea while your p****y dripped with honey drops and them being squeezed with a smooth movements

Absolutely wonderful, and open bottom, high waisted, side zipper girdle? Now I'm in Seventh Heaven!

I love older women that wear a girdle and hose! I like to show off too. Tris

Oh I am drooling at the thought of getting the best prize for looking up a ladies skirt and not being condemed for it. To see up there and see a lovely ***** looking back at me would be something special.

That is interesting.. When can I have an opportunity to have the cup of tea with you...

Gr8white,<br />
******* is my favourite view. It takes me back to my school days back before pantyhose, when the girls wore stockings and girdles. That's how I became interested in women's underwear. There was this one girl that would sit across from me and let her legs drift apart just enough to see the stocking tops and panty girdle legs. Once in a while You could catch a glimpse of covered muffin. Mmmmmmmm, I long for those days.

Mmmmm, would love the view and would love to lick your smooth *****...

You are my kind of woman hmmmmmmm

GREAT, i think that is what every man dream about, you are in a very lucky position.<br />
I think, there is a taboo broken, if you both have the same interestings in no wearing underwear - it might be a very sinfull experience - gladly to see, that there are women, who like that, which we man dream about. not in the sight of pure sex- i think, that is the very most sensitive and erotic moment, we could enjoy. ONLY to look, not to touch - wow, what a mind ...i bet, you enjou every second of that moments..

Hire me! please hire me.. I'll serve you tea during those breaks..

Are you intending to have sex with her? I`d love to hear about it if you do.

I would love to look up your skirt. The thought turns me on.

That's best place to work! Please let me see too, add me as friend!<br />
kisses<br />

always wanted to talk to a woman who did not own a bra!

wish I worked in your office

I'm in Jhb, think I'm going to move to centurion and *** work for you. Please add me

I love that you have had all the hair lasered off, I makes treating you right such a pleasure.

I so would love a peek up your skirt Gr8white, mmmmm, it would be electrifying i would envisage. Fabulous stimulating story<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

Thanks for sharing :)