The First Of Several Times

She was riding my rigid **** cowgirl style...squeezing with her tight ****...her breasts above my mouth...then she started to move around and I could feel my **** pushing the end of her vagina. Then I could feel her cervix...we both pushed...I raised my hips...pushed harder and I was in...It was an exquisite feeling. Her cervix locked behind the head of my ****...I pumped a little more and shot a full load right into her like it .. the best for both of us.
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70+, M
5 Responses May 4, 2012

omg....shoot that load inside me....

Yep i've done it too, way more times than i can remember. When you know the technique its actually not that hard, many people say its impossible but then they probably never even tried ;)

Wrote a post about it as ForumGuest on Answerbag a few years back, link:

Have fun :)

I want to try this very badly!
And I'm looking to concieve.
I live in Sacramento, CA.
lets work something out?

I want your **** too!

wow....such a delicious experience...thanks for sharing it. Wish it were me.