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For me penis enlargement was motivated by curiosity and enabled by information on the internet. Tom Hubbard's site "Thunders Place" gave me insight to various manual PE methods.

I started PE in 2006 using mainly jelqing but also other manual methods such as hand stretching. Really no more than a total of 20 minutes a day but at convenient times like during and after the shower and part of morning exercise routine. It was not a religious routine but reasonably regular.

At first the trauma on my penis was noticeable but after 6 weeks I had noticeable gains from my original bone pressed erect length of 160mm and circumference of 120mm. So there was some reward for the changing color of my penis and I kept at it. Over time the skin became more leathery and tougher and the color generally darker. I could now apply considerable pressure and force without any bruising. I also noticed that there were small lumps that accumulated in the veins that went away within the first year - they were somewhat scarry given that I have never been overweight or having high cholesterol. I presumed this to be some sort of fatty residue in veins that was worked out through the manipulation.

Within the first year I was finding it more difficult to enter my wife with the circumference now beyond 150mm. Although she had three pregnancies they were all caesarian deliveries and that left internal scarring that she could now feel, particularly during deep penetration. My penis length was then about 180mm so it was getting thicker faster than longer. I could really notice the extra weight which gives a powerful feeling when gaining an erection. I also changed to boxer underwear so it would hang rather than being coiled so I could experience the weight gain. I learnt that I could adeptly lock my penis behind my right leg to avoid an embarrassing display if aroused in public and became accustomed to wearing baggy long pants. Undies that force the penis up would make a visible display when aroused irrespective of the bagginess of the pants. I also started shaving the shaft of my penis because the pubic hair was getting pulled further up it - about 20mm on the top and more on the bottom.

By 2008 I changed my regular PE routine to solely manual stretching with the aim of increasing the length but not the thickness. The rate of size gains slowed with just stretching and by 2011 my penis was 190mm long and 160mm circumference. By now I was only able to slightly penetrate my wife without her having pain so usually no more than the head was inserted. This was enough for me to be readily stimulated and there was a wonderful sensation when ********* was squeezed in bursts through the compressed end of the shaft.

In 2012 I started vacuum pumping with a 45mm diameter tube that I could only get into when soft by using the vacuum but could not re-enter after withdrawing unless I waited hours till completely soft again. Irrespective of its small diameter I still became thicker. It was not long before I had to go up to a 50mm tube because the smaller tube was too tight to get good extension even with lubrication as the shaft was pressed firmly against the side of the tube. I also wanted to take it off and on while semi-erect rather than having to wait for hours.

After some months with the larger tube I am now square - 200mm long and 200mm around. I have given up trying to penetrate now that I am this size. The shaft being squeezed just behind the glans now prevents *********** and that is not a nice sensation. Sex now usually involves my wife laying on her side with her back toward me and I place my penis between her legs gently pushing the head up to rub against her clitorus. Without penetration it can take an hour or more for me to ********* but it gives her more time to enjoy and no pain with her internal scarring.

At this stage I am sort of hooked on pumping and would still like to see the head of my penis flop beyond my belly button - another 20mm or so - which has been the long term objective. Pumping is pleasurable for me particularly since I have an electric pump and takes no time to create a vacuum - I only pump for a few minutes and then release for a few minutes in that cycle for about 30 minutes. There is absolutely no pain because I have a pre-toughened penis. Latest problem is I am now having difficulty fitting inside the 50mm tube and I feel the thickness is beginning to make my penis look chubby and unbalanced. My penis originally had a slight upward curve and stood at 11 o'clock when fully erect. It is now dead straight and only manages about 9 o'clock but erections are still rock hard. So if I cannot limit the thickness I will probably live with no more than 200mm long.

Enlargement is possible but it takes time and effort - sometimes a little apprehension with trying something different and can lead to unintended results and consequences. From my starting point over 6 years ago I have increased the penis volume a staggering 3.5 times!! I find I am more often awoken by an erection now than before I started but sleep well most of the time. Usually if I go more than a week without *********** my sleep becomes increasingly broken. Even in the early stages of PE I noticed firmer erections and that has continued although my penis feels more rubbery just after pumping - nice to touch. I am somewhat like a teenager or adolescent enjoying the feel of my penis that keeps growing.

One of the more vivid examples of the change in size occurs when I place a cardboard toilet roll former to the head of my flaccid penis. These have a circumference of 120mm and I recall as a teenager I could get one of these onto my flaccid penis, gain an erection with the glans exposed above the tube then pull it off while still erect! The thickness gain is almost comical when I make this comparison but when I put the cardboard tube beside my penis and see it is now no more than half the length of the shaft then I clearly observe there has been substantial gain in length over the years as well.
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Nice story. Glad I was able to help you! I'm no longer on Thundersplace — new site is