I Just Bought A Penis Enlarger

I have never been very well endowed. I think in my prime I had a little over 6 inches if I really stretched a point, so to speak. But 15 years ago I was castrated (a very long story, but I truly wanted this!). Since then I have been steadily shrinking, and without any testosterone I could not get hard anyway.

About three months ago my doctor began regular testosterone injections, and now I am feeling 18 again! But my shrunken penis barely reaches 4 inches as hard as a rock!

I started researching various methods increasing size. I would not even consider the pills, I never put anything in my body unless I know what it is. Besides I think mechanical means would be better anyway. So I decided on the device that straps your penis into a gizmo which has rods attached to a large "O" shaped thing that goes against the body, the length of the rods can be adjusted and they are spring loaded. Once in place it can be kept on for long periods and worn under clothes. It has not yet arrived, but I expect it this week. I am very excited, and really hope it works. Even if it doesn't, I know the experience will be stimulating!
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